General Reviews and comments about Dorothy's books and public speaking

Saturday, 02 April 2011 06:01

What others say...

  • "Dr Dorothy Rowe, seer, has qualities which to my mind place her somewhere between sainthood and genius"
    Fay Weldon
  • "Her appeal rests on a combination of clarity and vision, sanity, compassion, a deep-seated rationalisation and an eye, like Jane Austen's, for social satire. Her work .... forces you to think for your self, challenge received ideas and take responsibility for your own life."
    Linda Grant
  • "Dorothy Rowe is essentially a chronicler of emotional pain, a suggester of solutions. Her perspective on existence acknowledges sadness, pain, anger but instantly makes things seem meaningful."
    Melissa Benn, The Guardian
  • "Dorothy Rowe's books are exceptional. Rowe has not just got common sense but wisdom and real writing gifts. It's pleasurable to read her blend of quoted poetry, proper and powerful prose and good jokes."
    The Observer
  • "Dorothy Rowe stands out among psychologists for her clear insight into human experience: her writing is refreshingly free from dubious theoretical constructs and jargon."
    The Independent
  • "You can't go to a party without meeting at least two people whose lives have been changed by Dorothy Rowe"
    Linda Grant