Named as One of the Six Wisest People in the UK

Saturday, 02 April 2011 16:02

Dorothy Rowe Named As
One of the Six Wisest People in the UK

Click for SAGA Magazine web site In January 2004 Saga Magazine published The Wise List, the people in the UK who the magazine stated 'had that laudable quality of wisdom. With this list, we aimed both to recognise and celebrate wisdom in a world which more often tends to celebrate beauty or wealth.' Dorothy Rowe was listed as one of the fifty wisest people in the UK.

Saga Magazine then asked readers for their nominations for the "wisest of them all" from the list of 50. In April 2004 Emma Soames, the editor of the magazine, wrote that 'the response has been magnificent. I won't call them winners, as the Wise List is not a competition, but the six people who received the most votes were:

  • Lord Robert Winston, fertility expert
  • Dr Jonathan Sacks, Britain's chief Rabbi
  • Tim Berners-Lee, architect of the internet
  • Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, one of Britain's leading judges
  • Dr Dorothy Rowe, psychologist and author
  • Sir Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal
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Click for ABC Radio National web site The Wisdom Interview, Radio National, Australian Broadcasting Commission
Dorothy Rowe recorded an interview with Peter Thompson for Radio National which was broadcast as part of The Wisdom Interview series starting in August 2004. The interview was broadcast on Radio National and on the ABC website. After the interview an audiotape and transcript were available from the ABC.

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