'Life Matters' interview with Julie McCrossin

Wednesday, 06 April 2011 14:30


Program: Life Matters
with Julie McCrossin
2 Feb 2004

Feature Interview with Dorothy Rowe:
Dorothy Rowe's Self

Dorothy Rowe is a psychologist, social analyst, writer and commentator, who has appeared on Life Matters a number of times. She was recently named one of the 50 wisest people in the UK.

Rowe's work ranges wide, from responses to popular culture; to the question of visibility/ invisibility (esp for certain types of women); psychiatry and psychology; parenting; friendships (and the role of enemies); the meaning of money etc. Broadly, though, her work looks at perceptions of the self - and how this perception is then played out, and responded to institutionally (by medicine, society, psychiatry etc).

Dorothy Rowe joined us to discuss her life, her work, and the question of wisdom.

Story Producer and Researcher - Kate Evans

Australian Broadcasting Commission

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