A Short Intermission

Monday, 22 March 2010 03:22

When I started this blog my aim was to write a post each week. So far I've met this aim, but the next ten days might prevent me from finishing the posts I'm working on now, one on the continuing drama of Lehman Brothers and one on the work of the psychologist Stanley Milgram. Tomorrow, Monday March 22, I'll be having the first of two cataract operations. The operation itself, so everyone tells me, is nothing to be concerned about, but after the first operation I'll have one eye that sees the world clearly but requires reading glasses and the other eye that continues to see the world as sort of smudged and out of focus. The second operation on March 30 should give me two eyes that see clearly, but then I'll need to find the reading glasses that will suit my two new plastic lenses.

I suppose there's some sort of irony in all this when you consider that I'm always pointing out that our physical make-up does not allow us to see reality directly.

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