Why We Lie (Paperback)

Tuesday, 03 May 2011 06:09

In her previous books Dorothy Rowe has managed to unpick most of the things that bother us in everyday life, from worrying about money to believing in a punitive God. Here she asks why we tell lies and puts the answer down to a mixture of vanity and terror. All pretty toxic, as far as personal relationships are concerned, but Rowe goes further: our failure to tell the truth is behind all manner of ills, from the current economic crisis to global warming. Scary stuff, but Rowe is so wise that you begin to think it might be possible to change. KH Guardian

'Rowe has a clear, easy style. Accurate in her perceptions, and persuasive in her presentation of them. . . . she paints a nuanced picture of why lying is always dangerous, and why we should cultivate an attitude of considered scepticism.' TLS

'Her analysis is gripping, astute and incisive.' FT

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