Dorothy Rowe's Guide to Life

Dorothy Rowe's books render the self-help industry redundant. If you want to know the secret of life, including how to make your life rich and fulfilling, read Dorothy Rowe

The central theme of all Dorothy Rowe's work is that, while the world might seem to be solid and real, physically constituted as we are, we can never know reality directly but only the meanings we have created about reality.

Many people do not understand this and instead think that they, the world and the moral rules they live by are an absolute and accurate representation of reality. Thus when they are beset by life's problems, they make mistakes, feel trapped and often despair. They do not understand that they are free to change.

In each of her books Dr Rowe has examined the important aspects of our lives - suffering, fear, depression and unhappiness, emotion, mental illness, religious belief, power, greed, selfishness, responsibility, revenge, education, sex, time, ageing - in the light of her central theme.

Dorothy Rowe has shown how, by understanding our nature, we can end suffering. Her "Guide to Life" is a summation of of this wisdom but with more besides, for there is no end to self understanding. Like all all her books it is clear and compassionate, witty and wise.

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  • Publisher: Harper Perennial
  • ISBN: 0 00 255562 X
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