The Real Meaning of Money

No one, anywhere, escapes the power and effects of money.

How we feel about money is central to how we live our lives. It is inextricably involved in the way in which we construct our world - the way we think, the way we interact, the way we order our priorities, the way we maintain our sense of identity.

Understanding money is a matter of understanding ourselves.

Yet financiers, politicians and most economists present their theories about the economy and all that hinges on it as being entirely objective, uninfluenced by their personal attitudes, opinions, beliefs, fears and needs.

The Real Meaning of Money psychologist Dorothy Rowe unravels the vastly complex network of paradoxes making up our daily lives to show how the individual meanings of money are a fundamental part of the social, economic and political world we all live in. She examines private interpretations of money, public meanings about money, its value, its morals, and how the world of money works, reconciling these elements in an understanding of the real meaning of money. In doing so, she helps us look behind our assumptions and judgements to reveal the nature of our thinking for what it is - sets of ideas that help us create certainty in an uncertain world.

Dorothy Rowe's acutely insightful, thoroughly thought provoking, almost revolutionary analysis of money's place in our lives is extraordinary in its breadth and wisdom.

All of us yearn for a better society. Only when we recognize how we make sense of the world around us will we truly be able to reach towards it.

"Dorothy Rowe is full of robust good sense, rare intuitive wisdom and unhurried sensitivity. She pursues meaning, self knowledge and understanding with patient ferocity. She is a giver of courage."
Nigella Lawson

"Dorothy Rowe's books are so exceptional. Rowe has not just common sense but wisdom and real writing gifts. Its pleasurable to read her blend of quoted poetry, proper and powerful prose and good jokes."
The Observer (UK)

1998 - Now available in paperback

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  • Publication Date: September 1997
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