Beyond Fear (1st Edition, earlier version)

Fear is one of the great unmentionables. Weight gain or loss, bereavement, death, rejection, failure, but most of annihilation of the self. Yet all of this we keep to ourselves, afraid of being thought weak.

Denying our fear of self destruction, around which our entire sense of self is built can have profound effects upon ourselves and those around us in later life. It can lead to physical illness, like anorexia or to mental problems, such as panic attacks, depression and schizophrenia.

It lies within our power to break this pattern, discovering greater happiness in our lives. In Beyond Fear, eminent psychologist Dorothy Rowe explains how to recognize the need for change and how to bring it about.

"This is a most extraordinary and valuable book and Dorothy Rowe is a most extraordinary and valuable person. Not only is she phenomenally wise but she also imparts her wisdom in a kind of prose poetry that moves, enlightens, reforms, beguiles and educates, all at once."
Fay Weldon

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  • Publisher: Harper Collins
  • ISBN: 0-00-638422-6
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