BBC Apology - 2. Summary of Events

Tuesday, 30 December 2008 15:12


1 September 11: email from Tom Williams, Aitken Alexander Associates, DR's literary agents,
forwarding email from Charlotte King-
Manchester, Researcher, Faith in the World Week, BBC Radio Two.
2 September 11: DR's reply to Charlotte King-Manchester, accepting invitation.
3 September 18: DR to Broadcasting House for interview by John McCarthy, recorded by Charlotte K-M (link to interview) 50:31 mins.
4 September 22: email from C K-M thanking DR and promising to send DR copy of the interview
5 September 26: DR's reply
6 October 6: email from Tom Williams forwarding email from Dawn Bryan, producer of the programme, requesting a further interview with DR
7 October 6: DR's reply agreeing to this
8 October 6: Dawn Bryan to DR
9 October 6:email to DR from Kirsty Wither, assistant to Dawn Bryan
10 October 7: DR to BBC Weston House to talk down the line to Dawn Bryan
11 October 7: DR email to Dawn Bryan
12 October 17: DR to CK-M
13 October 17: CK-M to DR
14 October 17: DR and John McCarthy had planned to have lunch at some date to go on with their discussion. Unable to arrange a date, DR emailed JMcC
15 October 21 Programme 'What I Believe' broadcast
16 November 2: After a discussion with two members of staff involved in the World Services 'Reporting Religion' DR emailed David Barbour, Head of Compliance
17 November 2: David Barbour Referred DR to Head of the Religious and Ethics Department Christine Morgan
18 November 5: Christine Morgan to DR
19 November 16: DR to Christine Morgan
20 November 17: CM to DR
21 November 18: DR to CM
22 November 19: Amanda Hancox to DR
23 November 28: CM to DR

November 30: DR's reply

25 December 8th: Page goes live on BBC Website.