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Saturday, 02 April 2011 15:26

Dorothy Rowe
On Her Life and Work

Dorothy Rowe is an internationally renowned psychologist whose work has changed how we think about mental health, and whose trenchant criticisms of the psychiatric system has played no small part in liberating many people from the worst abuses of the system. In this video she talks to Frank Wills, counsellor and author, about how her ideas developed both from her academic studies and research and from her own personal experience.

video_box_050920All of Dorothy Rowe's work is based on the understanding that what determines our behaviour isn't what happens to us but how we interpret what happens. She has applied this understanding to many of the important areas of our lives but most importantly to depression. She has shown how depression is not an illness but a defence which we can use when we discover that we have made a major error of judgement and then find ourselves terrifyingly falling apart.

Running Time 68 minutes
UK 40 includes postage
Overseas 40 plus postage, Zone 1 2.50 Zone 2 2.50

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"Dorothy Rowe's is the calm voice of reason in an increasingly mad world."
Sue Townsend